The best laid plans….

Well when I started this website I had wonderful plans of posting the whole renovation process with lots of juicy DIY photos and before and afters.  But, as sometimes happens, life got in the way.  Paul has been suffering from a bad skin condition that started last October and slowly progressed to an insufferable itch over 90% of his body.  He was very ill and was hospitalised in May and went through many, MANY tests.  They were concerned it was an incurable and deadly lymphoma and my world tilted so quickly that I found it impossible to make decisions about paint colours etc when I could be losing him! After just over a week in the hospital they managed to get his skin a little bit better and released him but he was still suffering.  A long story short, it’s not cancer, they still don’t know what is causing his condition (possible autoimmune disease) but he is on medication that is masking the itch and is feeling worlds better! We are still hoping that they will be able to diagnose him and treat it, but for now we are just happy that he feels better.  We also had some other commitments that took a lot of our time in the spring so we were unable to work as quickly on the house as we would have liked.

BUT NOW!!!! 🙂

It’s ready! Well, half of it is ready and listed on Airbnb!

Fiddler’s Den Cabin Master Bedroom

I’ll post more when I get a chance (I still want to do those before and afters), but check it out! If you scroll back to my previous posts you will get a sense of how far it has come.


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