The Doors

I was gazing at the beautiful pine ceiling on the new side of the house and suddenly I realised that when you enter the house you should be able to see the whole sweep of the boards, down the hall out into the living room. The satisfaction of this view was blocked by a doorway that had no good reason for being in existence. There was no door in it, why was it there? It was a bit like the Soul-less Kitchen wall, which also had no function, not to mention a matching doorway to this one. Suddenly I was an Unhappy Girl, possessed with a hatred for this superfluous doorway that was blocking the light that could come into the hallway.  Want to see it?

The offending doorway (and obligatory photo of Louis)

Now see, wouldn’t it be nice if you could see a lot more of the pink wall? (That photo was taken before the ceiling was planked)

Our friend Yvon came to visit on the weekend and we were walking through the house. I showed him the doorway and he said, well, lets get rid of it. Luckily for me Yvon is experienced in renovations, works sometimes on a construction crew, and enjoys ripping things down as much as I do.  He’s already been through the renovation of his own house and also opened up some unnecessary walls and doorways, so he was in agreement that it should go. It was time to Break on Through!

So that’s what we did.  By we, I actually mean he, I was very busy pulling out carpet underlay staples from the floor. By the end of the day I’d Been Down So Long on the floor pulling staples that my legs were cramped.  But I did some crucial helping on the project. I think I did pass him over a hammer once. And offered creative direction, and that’s what probably made everything look so good. Yup, Five to One odds!

Ok, enough talking, I’ll let the photos fill in the rest, starting with a photo of The Doors that were.

Much better, right? It really Lights My Fire! I guess not everyone would like it, but then, some People are Strange.

Ps: No load bearing walls were harmed in this deconstruction




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