Ripping it up!

I was trying to get a photo of the carpet….

In the past week we have ripped up almost all the carpets in both sides of the house.  The last owners were from the US and used the house as a vacation home so when we bought the house it came with the furnishings. Some are nice and some are…um…not quite. I’m sure they probably got some of the furnishings from yard sales and just made-do with what they could pick up easily.  So, we had to take a lot of things down into the basement in order to make room to do work and so that they don’t get all dirty when the WALLS COME DOWN!!! (Can you tell I’m looking forward to that?) We had to pack up clothing and all sorts of things like that but the past owners were very tidy and it made the packing pretty straight forward. They were so organised, I salute them!

So, on to the carpets.  The carpets in the log cabin side of the house were probably the original carpets from the 70s, they weren’t stapled down and they came up really easy, except for the cushion-ey backing on them that is old and disintegrat-ey and stuck to the floor and is a big dust-ey mess. Some of that floor might come out anyway, so we’ll see about that before scraping off the plywood.  The idea is to put vinyl plank flooring in most rooms of the house, so we need the floor to be smooth in order to install that.  Here are some before and after shots of one of the bedrooms, plus I took out that closet yesterday. It doesn’t look too bad from the photo, but it was pretty rickety and now the room is opened up. I like ripping things apart. I am less skilled at the “putting things back in order” side of DIY.  But really, I am soooo good at bashing.

And on the newer side:

The carpets were old and the house wasn’t used in the winter, so they just had a bit of an old musty smell to them.  It makes a huge difference having them out!  The carpets on the newer side had underlay that was stapled down. I enjoyed ripping up the carpets and the underlay. Even taking up the tack strips around the edges was good fun….Just have to deal with the staples now (that is not so fun).

All this bending and crouching and pulling is seriously good for the butt muscles! I have butt muscles, it’s kind of a new thing for me.

Next post, the wall is DOWN!!


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