WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! (Another one!)

This past year has been monumental for us. We had some renos done on our house which turned it into a spa-like retreat.  We lost our beloved Lola dog of 12 years.  We brought home a new and now also beloved Louis dog (see the about page for a photo).  I lost 50 lbs. Going to say that again, 50 lbs!!! So I have started a new business helping people get healthier with the system I used and NOW!! NOW, we are starting one more business! (That’s it for this year, I swear!)

For the last 5 years or so I have been dreaming of owning a vacation rental.  I run a pottery shop, Wildfire Pottery, in Cape Breton and my husband and I enjoy chatting with the people that come into the shop, giving them tips on where to go, places to stay  and eat etc, so we are finally going to turn those visits into longer term hosting with a rental property!  The house is about 12 minutes south of us in Tarbot, on the Cabot Trail.  I will be posting photos of the renovation as we go through getting the house ready for June of this year, (we hope) so that is really only 2 months!!! The house itself is in pretty good shape, but it needs some updating inside. It is actually a duplex, so we will have two units to rent out! We have so much to get done and learn, but we are excited to get going.

This is the house.

One half of the house is a log cabin that was built in the 70’s on a slab. The other half was added in the 90’s as a “grandma suite” and has a full basement. There is a nice storage space that runs between the two units which has the added benefit of soundproofing them from each other. The sunroom on the front connects the two and they also have separate outside entrances.

Because there is so much to get done I won’t be going into great details about every step of the process (Oh who am I kidding, I always go into details!!). Well I will TRY to just put up photos of the progress as we go along.

Here are a few photos of the inside as it looked when we got it. (We took possession mid-March but then I went away for a week, so we have really only been working in the house since about the 25th of March.

Here are some photos of the log cabin side:

And of the newer side:

Lots to do, but it is also really fun!!

More as we go along….


7 Replies to “WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! (Another one!)”

  1. So excited for you two…absolutely nothing like a new adventure, and when you can jump into it together…perfect! Best of luck, and I’ll be following your progress with anticipation.

  2. We’ve always planned to go back to Cape Breton a,d now know where we will stay! Congratulations Sarah and Paul.

  3. Looks amazing! Well done Sarah and Paul. Hopefully one day we shall come and rent it for a few weeks… xx

  4. Life is never boring with you two in it. Congrats on your new adventure. Looking forward to reading about your progress. We too are doing a “Project Reno” but not for renting out … keeping it all to ourselves as a 3-season getaway. Unlike your, ours is more of a Tiny House 🏡
    Can’t wait to see yours. Give me a call if you need any help. Especially in the decorating stages. That’s my favourite!

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